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At the core of this program is an individualized evaluation and treatment program that is physician-supervised, with emphasis on long term success in weight loss for better health and well-being.  A full spectrum of tools including low-calorie formulations and diets, medications for appetite suppression, and exercise prescription are combined with behavioral modification techniques including meditation, individual and group counseling, educational sessions and cooking demonstrations.


Everything is not for everyone.

Rosebud Physicians Weight Loss  coaches according to specific patient needs.

Tools used to battle obesity include:

  • Prayer

  • Will Power

  • Moderate to Intense Exercise

  • Work

  • Increased rest (sleep)


Prescription Medications include:

  • B-12 injections

  • Lipotropic Injections

  • Phentermine

  • Phendimetrazine

  • Topirimate (and more...)  

Get started!

Step 1:  Initial Consultation

Medical History, Physical, Lab tests & Questionnaire    Required Tests:

CBC, CMP, U/A, T4, TSH, HgbA1c, Lipid Panel and Recent ECG (1-Year)


Step 2:  Select a Plan:

Option A.  Optifast

Not big on cooking?  No worries.  No points to count.                               may be the way to go!


Option B.  Customize

Are you watching your pennies?  Do you have a lot to lose but not a lot of money?  Then, the Customized Plan may be right for you.


Option C.  Combination results are similar to HCG

Need a "jump-start"? Want "Real Food" & proven results?  The Combination option puts together the council of professionals with meal replacements, metabolic boosters, and a maintenance plan in a group setting.  Results: 15-20 lbs- No Daily shots!


Option P. Bariatric Surgery Prerequisite

Most insurance companies require a 3-6 month, physician supervised program as a condition to bariatric surgery.  Rosebud Physicians Weight Loss' Program P --Prepares you for surgery, lowers post-surgical risk & optimizes weight loss following surgery.  


Step 3:  Meet your goal & maintain your weight:

Lose 2-5lbs per week!  Every plan works when you work the plan. Compliance is key, so the coaching ensures that you follow the simple steps to weight loss success!  Monthly maintenance is advised-- no matter which Option you chose.


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Beloved, I wish above all things I pray that  thou mayest prosper

and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.                     3John 1:2


Combo! (compare to HCG) worked for me.  I ate real food, I cooked. I went out.  I lost weight.  I thought I would need extra help for a birthday party, so I had appetite suppressants to keep my resolve and I lost 25 lbs in 35 days.

Cindy R.  Alexandria, VA



           BEFORE                                    AFTER

Super! I look forward to speaking with you.--Hellen Beard, Program Director

I worked with Dr. Ellis on Program B (Customize Option).  The instructions were to follow a low carb diet and to get more exercise.  With each follow-up visit, the instructions became more specific to my lifestle and the kind of food I liked, best.  I lost 10 pounds the first month and 30 more over the summer.  I never felt better!  I continue to see him once a month for maintenance.

Joe P.    Washington, DC


I was not graduating at 240lbs, so when I made up my mind to use a liquid diet, I was serious & I wanted the best.  I researched and found OPTIFAST.  I am told that I was one of the biggest losers on the Program.  At 160 lbs I feel like a real Winner!

                 Ilana G.  College Park, MD



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