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Physician & Team

Rodney L . Ellis, MD, Medical Director

Standford University School of Medicine



Dr. Rodney L. Ellis has been a board-certified internist for over 44 years and for the latter part of those years has become committed to preventing such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.  These disorders are overwhelmingly caused by unhealthy behavior patterns in eating and inactivity.  It's this commitment that motivated his additional designation as bariatrician(weight loss doctor). 


     In addition, as a Christian physician, Dr. Ellis has a unique interest in the relationship of spirituality and health.  Where possible and appropriate, he has a commitment to assist in his patients’ improved health through their spirituality.


Rashida Ellis Winslow, Clinical Behaviorist

Rashida Winslow,  LCPC, LPC

MCP Hahnemann University and

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

​Rashida Ellis Winslow, has over 15-years experience treating individuals with mental health issues with a special interest in mood disorders, trauma, grief and loss, stress management, promoting self-care

practices and resolving underlying drivers that lead to overeating and inactivity. 

     She leads Rosebud group sessions on "Managing Cues", "Mindful Eating", “Personal Responsibility" and "Embracing Change".  She also sees patients privately for ongoing counseling and is the Program Director for an outpatient mental health clinic in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Tanya Johnson, RD, CDE

University of North Carolina

Tanya Johnson is a certified diabetes educator that contributes her teaching skills to the Rosebud team to help patients simplify healthy eating.  

     She leads group sessions on Understanding Nutrition Fact Labels, Knowing Nutrients and is best known for the "aha moments" with her food models.   

     She understands how obesity affects nutrition needs, and demonstrates ways to make healthy food choices. 


Tanya Johnson, Registered Dietician

Veda Johnson, ND

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine



Natralpathic Doctor, Veda Johnson

Dr. Johnson joined the team in 2015 and brings her discipline of naturopathic science to further enhance the team's expertise.  She focuses on restoring nutrition and removing toxins.  The is an adjunct professor of genetics at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

     Dr. Johnson empowers and inspires her patients to set and obtain positive health goals.  For obese patients the results are exciting weight loss, renewed energy and improved wellness. 

Weight loss is complex!  


With this accomplished team of professionals, patients get the expertise that delivers long term, weight loss."

  --Rodney L. Ellis, MD

Hellen Beard, CFT, CSN

Program Director

Boston University

International Fitness Professionals

​Hellen Beard coordinates all the Rosebud Weight Loss programs from initial assessments to ongoing counseling.  She exercises her passion for fitness as a certified fitness trainer by leading the group sessions fitness classes; delivering results as a mobile trainer and fitness consultant.  She has a gift for safely challenging obese patients to go "outside their comfort zone" with workouts and is know for scrumptious "Protein Mock-tails"

Hellen Beard, Certified Fitness Trainer
Lisa Davis, Certified Natural Health Professional

Lisa Davis, CNHP

Prince Georges College, Health Education

Certified Natural Health Professional

Lisa Davis, Cooks!  With a long history of preparing healthy cuisine, Rosebud Weight Loss relies on her skills to demonstrate how to prepare easy, tasty, budget-friendly meals in minutes. 


Over the years she has contributed her teaching and food preparation talents to:

The Cancer Project, The Food Bank and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  She’s also known for her specialties as a Personal Chef.



Daniel Ferebee head shot.jpg

Daniel Ferebee, is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with over 15 years experience. 


His approach to weight loss starts with exploring "triggers" and ends with patients discovering unique alternatives to eating "off-plan".  He leads the group sessions for the Combo and the

OptiFast, 12-week intensive. 


"I am fat.  I don't need a doctor to tell me that.  Even though he's physically fit, Daniel doesn't make me feel "less-than".  His counsel empowers me to make better choices when I feel stressed out".              Dee from Washington, DC


Dr. Ellis also refers patients for ongoing therapy to Mr. Ferebee and his colleges at  Basics Group Practice in Forestville, Maryland.



Daniel Ferebee, LCSW-C

Clinical Behaviorist

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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