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Managing Cues  Achieving Balance: Work , Home, Community   Setting Boundaries   Personal Responsibility   Mindful Eating

Option A:  

The OPTIFAST Program is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program, which usually lasts 12 weeks, utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared ‘everyday’ meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support.

How the OPTIFAST Program Succeeds


  • Meal replacement diet. Narrowing your food choices helps you work towards weight loss and management by controlling the amount and types of food you eat.

  • Medical supervision.  Utilizes the expertise of physicians to help you lose weight safely.

  • Lifestyle education.  To help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

  • Counseling.  Individual and group counseling by experts who understand your challenges.

  • Ongoing personalized support.  Included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.  Monthly "Maintenance" visits ensure accountability and coaching through life-changing events.

option B: Custom


Individually tailored weight loss program addresses the cause of the weight gain.  Diet Plan, exercise recommendations and counseling are the foundation of this option.  Lifestyle considerations may encourage use of meal replacements such as Optifast™, and Atkins           frozen meals; and protein snacks as well as use of natural and prescription appetite suppressants. 


Office visits are scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks.  Visits with bariatrician,  nutritionists, certified trainer, or other specialists may be provided as needed.  This is our most "budget-friendly option

Option P:

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery 












This Program is specifically designed to prepare patients for bariatric surgery.  It meets insurance company’s prerequisite for sleeve, gastric bypass & band surgeries.


In addition to pre-surgical weight loss, it helps prepare patients for life after surgery.  More weight loss "for life" happens when patients understand the triggers that led to their patterns of over eating.  When new, healthy patterns are exstablished, patients experience more success after surgery.


Program includes:

6 individual visits and 6 group meetings with Pro-Team: 


  • Bariatrician

  • Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Clinical Behaviorist

  • Registered Dietician

  • Cuisine Specialist

 (Appetite suppressants, supplements, and B-12 shots are available for an additional fee).


Duration:   6-Months

Schedule:  biweekly visits

Cost:           $500           

Food:           Not Included


Optifast meal replacement
Option C: Combo!

Lose between 15 to 24 pounds in 35-Days

The Combo:  (Compared to HCG 35-Day Protocol Diet)


As the name suggests, the Combo, combines a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet with lipotropic injections to accelerate weight loss.  In the 35-day protocol, participants receive:


  • 5 Weekly medical visits

  • 6 Lipotropic injections (administered in-office)

  • Low carb/low calorie diet plan

  • 6 Classes including:

    • Orientation:

      • What to expect & how to maximize individual results

    • Managing Eating Cues (Led by a clinical behaviorist

    • Exercise (Led by a certified fitness trainer

    • Nutrition (Led by a registered dietician)

    • Cooking (Led by a cuisine specialist.

      • Brunch will be served)

    • Transition (Lead by bariatrician, Dr. Rodney Ellis)

  • Weekly coaching

  • Ongoing access to weight loss professionals

Rosebud Weight Loss programs get results.  One size does NOT fit all, so Rosebud Weight Loss offers weight loss options that fit your personality, your budget and your busy schedule.

"With 5 shakes per day, I lost 70 lbs.

No cooking. 

No counting points.

It was easy.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

All programs are elegible for

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) 

Care Credit




Get the weight off and Keep it off!


No matter which option you choose, you are sure to see results.  Your clothing size will go down. Your self-esteem will go up.  It takes more than commitment, it will take accountability.  That's why as programs are completed, monthly visits are scheduled for accountability and ongoing coaching.  Statistics show that without it, weight loss may be temporary.  


I lost 6 pounds in my first week.  Imagine how much more I could have lost if I exercised. 

-Lu, Laurel, MD

 "Mindful Eating" starts in the kitchen.  The sights and smells of food is the beginning of truly enjoying food. 


"The mouthwatering meals are delicious, filling and easy to make."

It 's cheaper than going out!"

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